ToCAD America Inc.


   ToCAD America is a diverse photo specialty

   company, celebrating 27 years of innovation.


   We are the official distributor of Sunpak,

   Hakuba, eneloop, LensPen, Trek-Tech and

   Panasonic alkaline and photo lithium cells.


   Our unique imaging product lines allow us

   to supply our customers with the most up to

   date products and services available.

Trek-Tech TrekPods have a long standing history of providing the best outdoor solution and experience when it comes to  a tripod, monopod and hiking stick in one. 

Eneloop AA and AAA cells are the industry standard for pre-charged power that stays charged for up to 3 years of non-use. And you can re-charged for up to 1,500 times; wow!

Sunpak offers an extensive line of flash, LED lighting, tripods, monopods, 2-in-1 tripod/monopods, filters and memory card readers for just about every photographic need.

Hakuba offers an extensive line of tripods from tabletop to full size, multi-purpose camera, tripod, light stand and filter cases along with media cases and accessories.

LensPen provides the safest, easiest and most convenient way to clean your lenses and optics from HD-DSLRs to point and shoot cameras and your DSLR sensor too with the new SensorKlear Loupe kit.
Panasonic provides the perfect solution to your Alkaline battery needs. To keep your camera going, they offer five high-powered core photo lighium batteries to fit just about any camera.