ToCAD America Inc.


LensPen® Peeps!

Our new all-in-one cleaner for
eyeglasses and sunglasses

The same unique carbon cleaning compound that has made LensPen products a favorite with photographers for more than 20 years is now available in an eyeglasses and sunglasses cleaner.


♦  Peeps features LensPen’s proven carbon technology to safely clean prescription glasses,

    sunglasses and reading glasses
♦  Carbon-impregnated cleaning tips clean both sides of a lens simultaneously
♦  Each time the arms slide back into the holder, the carbon on the cleaning tips is replenished

    and Peeps is ready for the next cleaning
♦  No need for messy sprays, liquids, tissues or cloths
♦  Peeps is environmentally friendly
♦  The Invisible Carbon compound in Peeps will never dry out
♦  Available in stylish designer colors

Cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses with Peeps is a simple two-step process:
1) Clean the lens with the retractable brush to remove any loose dust or potentially abrasive particles.
2) To remove fingerprints and other oils, pull the arms out from the holder; breathe gently on the lenses and wipe them clean with smooth circular motions of the cleaning pads, one on each side of the lens. Slide the cleaning pads and arms back into the holder to replenish the cleaning compound.